Underground Bio Labs
When you see a Panda, you see a goofy, cute and lovable creature. But don’t let that fool you, because Pandas are also very FIERCE, POWERFUL and DETERMINED. After many years of being in the industry and looking for the ultimate supplements to maximize our time spent in the gym, we realized that we had to create it ourselves. That is how Underground Bio labs was created!

Panda Supps
Through countless hours of research looking for cutting edge technology and the best ingredients on the market, quite a few formulation fails, taste tests, focus groups, lab and field tests we finally created Panda Supps. An amazing line-up of high quality supplements with properly calculated doses of premium, game changing ingredients to help bring out your inner Panda and take your workouts to the next level.

Do You Even Panda?
We also use some of the best flavor experts in the industry to not only give you superior quality, but superior taste as well. So the question is no longer “do you even lift” but “Do you even Panda?”