House Brand Protein® was founded back in 2016 after discovering a need in the market by seeing an influx of retailers who wanted their own products but couldn't afford the high minimums. We saw this as an opportunity to fill a niche in the market by offering a high-quality low-cost protein that could be purchased in large or small quantities. Since then, we've had a number of new retail stores bring House Brand in as their protein of choice.

House Brand Protein® was created to be the true cost leader in this industry and help support all ma and pa retailers compete on pricing with larger e-commerce stores but yet still allowing them to maintain a very healthy profit margin. We now welcome you House Brand Sports Nutrition, same company same mission just looking to bring more to our consumers. We offer a variety of products for small retailers, gyms, and smoothie bars. House Brand stands by high quality ingredients. We pride ourselves in being transparent, honest and making your health affordable. We make sure that every one of our products meets our standards. You can rest assured that you are not only consuming exactly what the label reads, but that every ingredient is of the highest quality available. We just want to know who's next?

We are committed to quality. #Feedyourinnerathlete