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TUFF Skinz

TUFF Skinz

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TUFF Skinz is perfect for CrossFit, weightlifting, and any activity where you need to protect your hands. These are made with a medical-grade neoprene and uses our innovative TUFF silicone pattern, which enhances your grip. This glove-like grip is so comfortable that it will feel like your SKIN, and you won't even notice them on!

*These are meant to protect your hands along with a medium grip. If you are looking for a thicker, more robust hand grip, then we recommend our TUFF Elite Grips.


PROTECTS HANDS - Helps to prevent calluses by providing a barrier of protection between you and the workout equipment.
WRIST PROTECTION - The added wrist support helps to stabilize and support your wrist when working out.
ADHESIVE GRIP - The TUFF silicone pattern grip makes for an unbelievable grip when using dumbbells, bars, barbells, and much more!
SWEAT PROTECTION - Medical grade neoprene helps to eliminate sweat and provides protection between your hands and the equipment.

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