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TUFF 7mm X-Training Knee Sleeves (All Black)

TUFF 7mm X-Training Knee Sleeves (All Black)

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TuffWraps® 7MM X-Training Knee Sleeves (SOLD IN PAIRS)are TUFF heavy-duty sleeves that provide an undeniable level of maximum joint compression to promote better blood flow. Experience support, warmth and reduce any unnecessary strain on your knees.  TUFF Knee Sleeves are perfect for squats, Olympic lifting and CrossFit training. 
  • High-grade neoprene material
  • Thickness : 7mm
  • Reinforced seams for prolonged life
  • Provides joint compression and warmth
  • Reduces pressure and swelling
  • Regular use can relieve pain and increase performance
  • Size Options: S - XXL (see chart below)

    How to Size: Measure circumference of the knee (mid-patella) in a locked position (muscles must be relaxed). Unisex sizes.

    S 11.8 in. - 13.0 in.
    M 13.0 in. - 14.2 in.
    L 14.2 in. - 15.7 in.
    XL 15.7 in. - 17.0 in.
    XXL 17.0 in. - 18.3 in.

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