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MK-2866 (15 mg) - also known as ostarine or enobosarm, is a substance that has a wide range of effects on the human body. Ostarine is one of the best-studied SARMs, which makes it very popular and its effects confirmed by numerous tests. In its action it is similar to testosterone, but it only affects the muscle and bone tissue, so it has no side effects. It does not have a steroid structure, so it does not convert to DHT and does not cause problems with estrogens or prolactin. Ostarine, in addition to a strong anabolic effect, which is used during periods of building muscle mass, supports the work of the joints. It is related to the fact that ostarine supports the collagen production process, which gives a clear relief to people with joint issues. Increased collagen synthesis is also an opportunity to improve the appearance of the skin.

GW-50156 (15 mg) - the popular cardarine is an agonist of PPAR delta receptors, which are responsible for many changes in the body, similar to those caused by regular training. GW perfectly supports the cardiovascular system, cares for the correct lipid profile, but also contributes to the improvement of exercise parameters, which is used in many endurance sports. The minimum doses are perfect as a health-promoting element, e.g. during a cycle with the use of AAS. Cardarine also has a good slimming effect, supports lipolytic processes, and intensifies the use of stored fat for energy purposes. As a modulator of PPAR receptors, it perfectly improves metabolism, increasing insulin sensitivity of tissues, improving the use of glucose, and regulates blood pressure. The use of GW may be associated with the sensations of energy surge, better strength in training, willingness to act.

SR-9009 - 10 mg - an active substance, also known as Stenabolic, is a SARM that effectively supports physical activity, intensifies the effect of reducing body fat, and effectively slims. Its action allows for more effective training, and interestingly, the substance blocks the re-accumulation of fat in fat cells. Similarly to Cardarin, Stebobolic effectively supports physical effort, increases well-being, we feel more energy during the day, which effectively increases energy expenditure. SR-9009 supports insulin metabolism, has anti-inflammatory properties, accelerates regeneration, and prevents the feeling of drowsiness after meals. In scientific studies, SR-9009 showed excellent results in the fight against osteoporosis, contributing to a significant increase in bone density.

1 portion = 2 capsules a day. Keep at least 24 hours between portions.
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