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RAD-140 - also known as testolone on the market was introduced as an alternative to testosterone. Its action was to be used as an element of hormone replacement therapy, where RAD-140 was used instead of classical pharmacology in the form of testosterone injections. In the SARM group, RAD is very similar to testosterone. It shows a strong anabolic effect, contributes to a significant increase in the level of muscle protein synthesis. In addition, it allows tissues to regenerate faster, which translates into an increase in exercise capacity.

RAD-150 - a more advanced formula of RAD-140, which has a similar effect to testosterone. It binds to androgen receptors much easier, which makes it much stronger. RAD-150 contains an additional group of benzoate esters, and increased alkalinity makes the compound more stable and better used by our body. RAD-150 turned out to mimic the effects of testosterone even better, and its more stable structure makes it more active for a longer time. It shows an effect similar to RAD-140.


1 capsule daily with their morning meal, experienced users can take the second capsule 6/8 hours later. The maximum period of supplementation is 60 days.

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