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Extreme Performance Group presents Arime Stage PCT 50 - A PCT Supplement so strong at helping you keep your gains, that it can be used for its own cycle!

How is it so strong?

EPG already has a best selling PCT supplement with Arime Stage PCT - a formula that has stood the test of time supporting users in restoring their testosterone production, balancing their estrogen levels, and helping to detoxify their liver.

It covered all based in terms of post cycle therapy, but the biggest concern needed to be addressed, keeping as much of your gains as possible!

EPG took their best selling PCT formula and sought to improve it, and they did..... with a 2 pronged attack!

The first key ingredient in Stage PCT 50 formula is the natural anabolic Laxogenin

When you finish an anabolic cycle your body is actually in an extremely catabolic state, with increased cortisol levels and low IGF levels - which leads to your body eating away at your new muscle!

Laxogenin helps to fight this immediate breakdown of muscle, and even helps to build more mass!

Additionally, Laxogenin does not affect your natural hormone levels, so while your testosterone is climbing back up, Laxogenin is there protecting your new muscle!

The second key ingredient in this formula is Epiandrosterone, an ingredient that when combined with your PCT helps to increase your sex drive and reduce estrogen. Additionally, this ingredient helps to increase lean mass, muscle hardness and decrease fat!

These two compounds form the perfect alliance for fighting the battle of muscle catabolism, and help to further improve your gains!

A complete formula designed to help take your body from being in a recovery state, into an anabolic state! So powerful that you can use it for its own 30 day cycle!
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